Building the profitable Bucks Arena

April 30, 2015


By Dester Martin

Letter to the Editor

I read with great interest the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper’s April 16, 2015 edition by Steve Waring (Buck’s Ownership unveil Futuristic basketball arena to replace BMO Harris Bradly Center). The citizens of Milwaukee along with the state as a whole, will support the new downtown National Basketball Association (NBA) Milwaukee Bucks arena by buying the season tickets, paying the set admission fees at their games and events along with the novelties, while supporting the surrounding businesses for the next 25 years. As their business development vision becomes a reality, as shown in the well designed rendering for the downtown area, but not as the owners or the builders, that’s the profit making ownership investing team’s job to handle that. To keep its business like a financial layout for the Milwaukee Bucks new arena, it should look like: Kohl’s $100,000,000; the owners $250,000,000; the NBA $100,000,000; and the State of Wisconsin’s $100,000,000, with the city and county providing infrastructure support, additional payments for the wealthy owners, from the State common citizens is not a good option. And our state governor has stepped up to cut a deal to build the new arena in Milwaukee. It’s being said that the larger wealthy Milwaukee business community is ready to get this new arena deal done. I would hope that they would consider keeping the common citizens as their great sideline fans. And the National Basketball Association league officials have said they would buy back the franchise for $575,000,000. Forbes Magazine has said the Bucks are now valued at $600,000,000.