American Legion District #5 seeks to raise funds to repair landmark

September 8, 2022

Photo by Yvonne Kemp

In 1931 The American Legion Milwaukee Memorial Monument was erected at Reservoir Park, 626 East North Avenue, on the east hill of Kilbourn Reservoir Park; it’s the only American Legion Star emblem of its size in the United States. The monument template was initially filled with live flowers and plants and was maintained by the City of Milwaukee Water Works Department, but was discontinued in the 1990s due to the high cost of maintenance. In 2010, the live plants were replaced with the current concrete and stained glass but in 2014 it was determined that too would need to be repaired. In 2022, American Legion 5th District commanders met with managers of Milwaukee Water Works Department, regarding the restoration of the monument. The commanders were informed that the restoration would cost approximately $134,000 and that the Water Dept. only had $100,000 in funds for the restoration. The 5th District spearheaded the restoration project, by setting up a GoFundMe page called, “American Legion Milwaukee Memorial Monument” to raise the remaining $34,000. The 5th District would appreciate it if you would share or donate to their GoFundMe page, so that they can help save this unique landmark that has been a symbol of Milwaukee’s East side for so long.