Beautiful Milwaukee – Francine Bryant’s Coleus Plants

August 18, 2022

Francine Bryant has planted coleus, an annual bedding plant native to southeast Asia, in her home garden for the past several years. This year, during the Memorial Day weekend, Bryant (in the photo indicating how tall the plants were when she first brought them home) again purchased a flat of coleus bedding plants from a local nursery and transferred some of the plants to a 30-gallon, outdoor planter in her front yard. Other than watering the plants every day, she said she has provided no other care for the plants and they have grown to be almost four feet tall in only two months. This is about 25 percent taller than normal at maturity for this variety of plant. The Milwaukee Times encourages its readers to send us photos of your garden. Each week for the remainder of the summer, we will select one to publish. You can email your photos to