American Heart Association recognizes Rep. Evan Goyke with Friend with Heart award

June 28, 2018

The American Heart Association presented Representative Evan Goyke (D-Milwaukee) with a Friend with Heart award for his support of the American Heart Association’s mission throughout the year, including supporting the Dispatcher-Assisted CPR law, as well as a law that incentivizes FoodShare participants to purchase healthy foods.

Both laws were passed in the last legislative session with full support of the American Heart Association. The dispatcher-assisted CPR law ensures all 911 dispatchers in Wisconsin can give CPR coaching over the phone during a cardiac arrest emergency. Currently, Wisconsin’s bystander CPR rate is around 19 percent, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, but this new law aims to increase that. Rep. Goyke serves as ranking member of the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee, which passed this bill last fall, paving the way for its full passage in both houses early this spring.

The FoodShare law creates a pilot program that offers FoodShare participants point-of-sale discounts on fresh produce and other healthy foods. The initial program will include 2,000 FoodShare participants in urban and rural Wisconsin with the hope that it will be expanded to all FoodShare participants as the outcomes are realized.

“I’m passionate about any policy or legislation that can improve the lives of people here in Milwaukee,” said Rep. Goyke. “All of the work that the American Heart Association does is geared toward one goal: to free this community of heart disease and stroke. I’m proud to accept this honor and continue to support their live-saving work in Milwaukee.”

“We thank Rep. Goyke for his support on issues like dispatcher-assisted CPR and healthy food access,” said Dr. Sarang Baman, Vice Chair of the American Heart Association’s Wisconsin Advocacy Committee. “To improve the health of our citizens in Milwaukee, we are working on a wide range of initiatives, from prevention to treatment of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. We appreciate the support of lawmakers like Rep. Goyke who see the value in our work and commitment to the well-being of all Wisconsinites.”