August is Black Business Month – Week 2

August 5, 2021

Milwaukee’s Black Business Directory is a non-profit that provides a directory of Black-owned businesses in the greater Milwaukee area, as well as connects businesses to resources, capital and networks. This week, three restaurants will be featured that serve vegan dishes.

The basic differences between a vegan and a vegetarian is a vegan will avoid meat, poultry and seafood but they take a little step further by not consuming milk, eggs, honey or any product/ by-product made from animal/ animal skin. There are sub-categories for vegans: ethical vegans, do not consume any dairy product be it milk, eggs, cheese, and avoid the usage of any product made by animal skin, flesh or bones. Plant-based vegans, live on plants-based foods which grow from the ground only Raw vegans, don’t eat any animal by-products or anything cooked above the temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit as they believe the food will lose its nutrients and enzymes completely.

A vegetarian is someone who does not eat meat or consume any kind of animal product. They exclude meat, poultry and even seafood from their diet. However, they may go on to consume dairy products, such as milk and eggs. There are sub-categories that fall under vegetarian, the most popular is lacto-ovo vegetarians, excludes meat/flesh but may include eggs/milk; demi-vegetarians, consume fish, eggs, other dairy products but not meat; and semi-vegetarians, sometimes voluntarily control their meat intake.(1)

Royally Vegan

Royally Vegan, is a businees that specializes in comfort food and delicious desserts. Catch them at a vendor event near you or check out their Facebook page for their next pop-up. Royally Vegan invites you to: “Treat Yourself like royalty and enjoy our bold taste.” Facebook Page:

Mobay Café

Mobay Café offers exquisite Jamaican and Caribbean cuisine. Vegan dishes to experience are the stuffed grilled plantains with red beans, veggie medley and cou cou (polental) and grilled zucchini. Visit them online at:

Twisted Plants

Get twisted with Twisted Plants! As one of Milwaukee’s popular vegan restaurants, Twisted Plants offers plant-based burgers and other items that are named after popular movies like Superbad, Soul Plane, and The Friday After Next. Twisted Plants is located at 4905 South Packard Avenue, Cudahy, WI. Visit Twisted Plants online to view their menu or to place an order for curbside pickup at: or call in your order for curbside pick-up at 414-800-4005.

Source: 1NDTV Food

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