Six ways to boost your energy without caffeine

September 13, 2018

Just can’t say no to Starbucks? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this caffeinated battle.

According to a research study, more than 85 percent of American adults consume some form of caffeine daily, with 164 mg a day being the average. Furthermore, at least 68 million Americans drink three cups of coffee every single day and more than 50 percent of Americans over the age of 18 consume caffeine on a daily basis.

Those are some big numbers and whether it comes in the form of coffee, tea, soda, or energy drinks, the majority of our country is dependent on caffeine to perk them up. However, too much caffeine can lead to jitters, energy crashes, increased heart risks, and other serious health issues if left unchecked.

So, what can you do to up your energy without caffeine? Check out these natural remedies.


Yup! Getting in some much-needed sun will actually boost your mood and help to produce the valuable Vitamin D nutrient within your body. Sunshine provides many benefits, including bone health and immune function, and getting enough helps keep you feeling energetic and healthy. Go for a walk or sit at the park for an hour or two at least once a day.


Exercise not only does the body good physically but emotionally and mentally too. Maintaining a moderate active exercise routine is an important factor to boost and maintain high energy. Any exercise or physical activity that gets your heart rate up and blood flowing will release endorphins and raise your energy level.


Water just might be the cure-all to low energy. In fact, a 2015 British study found that one in five people who went to their doctors complaining of chronic exhaustion were actually just dehydrated.

It’s recommended that women drink a minimum of nine cups of water a day while men should drink a minimum of 13. So, when your tank is low, fuel up with water, water, and more water!


Let’s be real, only a handful of us actually get in our recommended 7-8 hours of sleep a night. But when it comes to replenishing your body with much-needed rest, it can do wonders for your energy levels. It may not always be possible to constantly achieve the recommended set of sleep hours but try and take advantage of it when you can.

Eat smart and frequently

Do you usually go for high sugary drinks, donuts, and pancakes first thing in the morning? If you want to increase and actually keep a steady energy level throughout your day you’ll want to avoid sugary and processed foods. These quick and easy treats will provide you with only short bursts of energy but not enough nutrients for the long haul.

For more sustained energy, opt to eat whole grains, proteins, leafy greens, and fruits every two hours as these foods take longer for your body to break down, ensuring that you will receive a consistent dose of energy throughout your day.


Last but certainly not least, get an instant boost of energy when you play your favorite upbeat jam. A 2013 study found that an up-tempo BPM range produces a motivational effect in the brain.

Researchers found music has drug-like effects on the brain and was found to release dopamine, the “feelgood hormone” that is activated from pleasurable experiences like food or sex. So, whether you’re into R&B, hip-hop or pop, wake-up to an energetic playlist to get you out of bed and in the mood to take on the day.

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