Join seniors, like Allen, and spread the word about FoodShare

October 20, 2022

Allen, a retired veteran living in Milwaukee, heard about FoodShare through a friend. “I didn’t know about FoodShare until a friend told me about it,” said Allen. “I might have seen it on TV or something, but it didn’t register that it was for me. I’m single and I’m not really hungry because I know how to budget, so I didn’t think it was for me.”

Allen said he thinks many people are hungry because they don’t know about Food- Share. He feels people who are older, single and on a fixed income don’t know the qualifications and think it’s for a family with children or people who care for kids. He believes it’s important to reach out to people and ask them if they need help.

Allen’s friend told him to visit the Hunger Task Force’s Robles FoodShare Resource Center. There Allen sat with one of the FoodShare Advocates, who answered all of his questions and then walked him through his application and submitted it online. “I was retired and wondered if I was eligible,” said Allen. “When I went to the center, I got help with FoodShare and also received information that helped me get a Senior Farmers Market Voucher and box of food to take home that day.”

FoodShare has helped Allen manage his budget better. With food prices on the rise, increases to rent and the cost of medicines, FoodShare has helped him feel comfortable and not worry about his other expenses. “FoodShare helps me save money. I can also buy better foods,” said Allen. “I’m trying to get better with my nutrition, I’m not getting any younger, so I have to be careful with what I buy. FoodShare helps me buy healthy foods.”

Allen feels that people should reach out to family and friends and spread the word about FoodShare. “Now that I have FoodShare, I reach out to others in my building and other people I know who are retired and on a fixed income,” said Allen. “The next time you come across an older person, especially someone that could be on a fixed income, you should just ask them.”

If you or someone you know needs FoodShare, visit to apply. If you need help applying for Food- Share, visit one of Hunger Task Force’s FoodShare Resource Centers. Alicia’s Place FoodShare Resource Center is in the Midtown Center at 4144 N. 56th Street and the Robles FoodShare Resource Center is at 723 W. Historic Mitchell Street. People can also call Alicia’s Place at 414.988.6501 and Robles at 414.238.6484.


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