Join Nanette and take away the tough choices during the holiday season

November 17, 2022

Brought to you by Hunger Task Force

Growing up, Nanette learned the value of giving back to her community. Up until her early adult years, Nanette volunteered at the food pantry and soup kitchen in her community, not knowing that she would one day depend on these resources to make ends meet.

When a medical condition kept Nanette from working full time, she knew her family would need to rely on the support of the local food pantry and soup kitchen and to apply for FoodShare benefits. “We were used to taking care of ourselves and helping other people, not being the ones who needed help,” Nanette recalls.

Unsure how to locate resources and navigate the FoodShare benefit system, Nanette called 211 and visited Robles, Hunger Task Force’s FoodShare Resource Center on Mitchell Street. “When I first started accepting help, I did not know anything about the system,” Nanette recalls. “I was so glad I walked in and someone was there to help because I would not have been able to do it on my own. It was tough.”

Nanette continues to use the resources she and her family need to get back on their feet. With rising food prices and heating bills chipping away at families’ food budgets, FoodShare has helped Nanette budget for other basic needs for the family. “FoodShare helped us to be able to provide clothing for the kids and school supplies and you know all the things that they needed,” Nanette said. “We didn’t have to worry about buying food. We could pay our bills.”

With the holiday season approaching, family gatherings and a shared meal are at the forefront in most households. Nanette shares, “If I didn’t have FoodShare and the occasional help from the pantry, the holidays would be meager. We wouldn’t have much. With the economy how it is now, it’s a blessing to be able to provide a healthy meal for your family.” Nanette is grateful for the work of Hunger Task Force, its pantry network and Food- Share Advocates.

If you or someone you know needs FoodShare, visit to apply. If you need help applying for Food- Share, visit one of Hunger Task Force’s FoodShare Resource Centers. Alicia’s Place FoodShare Resource Center is in the Midtown Center at 4144 N. 56th Street and the Robles FoodShare Resource Center is at 723 W. Historic Mitchell Street. People can also call Alicia’s Place at 414.988.6501 and Robles at 414.238.6484.