Financial support for prescription aid

January 16, 2014

A program that helps residents obtain free or low-cost prescription medications has gotten a boost from the Helen Bader Foundation.PARS 9-16-09 001 w
The Foundation has announced it is providing a $30,000 grant to support the Prescription Advocacy & Referral Service (PARs) at the Social Development Commission. PARs helps income-eligible residents get medications they would normally have trouble affording by working with participating pharmaceutical companions. Those residents are able through the program to get the needed prescriptions at little or no cost.
The grant from the Helen Bader Foundation will support the program and its efforts to help residents with a special emphasis on providing the service to seniors. The goal of the grant is to help serve 600 persons through the PARs program during 2014. To learn more about the program and how to access it, visit the SDC website at–Services/Support-Services/PARS.htm.