Coronavirus in Wisconsin: 2,649 deaths and counting

November 19, 2020

Since mid-March, Wisconsin has beein in one state of lock-down due to the novel coronavirus pneumonia or coronavirus or simply COVID-19. While measures such as hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing have helped slow the spread, the virus has recently kicked-up in Wisconsin. Here are the latest statistics:

• 2,649 patients have died so far
• At least 317,109 patients have tested positive for the coronavirus in Wisconsin since the outbreak began.
• 56,485 patients in Milwaukee County — 643 deaths
• 19,074 patients in Waukesha County — 163 deaths
• 11,393 patients in Racine County — 140 deaths
• 87,510 patients in Kenosha County — 109 deaths
• Deaths have now been reported in all 72 Wisconsin counties.
• At least 270 coronavirus cases have now been reported in all 72 Wisconsin counties.
• As of Monday, November 16, 2020, at least 243,841 people in Wisconsin have recovered from the coronavirus.
• At least 2,009,148 patients have tested negative in Wisconsin.
• 4.6 percent of patients have been hospitalized.
• There were 19 patients in the 530-bed Alternate Care Facility at State Fair Park as of Monday, November 16, 2020.
• As of Monday afternoon, at least 11,147,200 Americans have tested positive for the coronavirus.
• At least 246,800 Americans have died from the coronavirus, as of Monday afternoon.
• As of Monday, November 16, 2020 at least 4,185,500 American patients have recovered.

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