MPS Reads draws students to independent reading

January 17, 2019

Students who read in their free time are shown to be better readers, have a larger vocabulary, score higher on tests, and have greater content knowledge. To boost independent reading, MPS is launching MPS Reads. The initiative will feature a monthly list of recommended books for all ages on a broad range of multicultural topics that are meaningful for students.

MPS Reads was designed as part of Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley’s Ambitious Instruction Plan, devised to increase achievement across the district. Upon assuming leadership of MPS, Posley identified reading, writing, and mathematics as key areas of focus. Promoting independent reading is one aspect of his plans to boost reading and writing proficiency.

“Nearly all reading is good reading,” said Dr. Posley. “We want students to engage with books that resonate for them. As students become more comfortable reading and their skill level increases, they will be more likely to select titles that demonstrate fine writing and deliver meaningful messages.”

To view monthly lists of recommended books or to suggest a title for a future list, visit the MPS Reads web page at