Milwaukee Board of School Directors considers climate justice resolution

August 4, 2022

At the meeting of the Milwaukee Board of School Directors on July 28, 2022, the full board discussed a resolution proposing action on climate justice and economic equity. Resolution 2223R- 007 identifies a number of steps to be taken, including joining the Milwaukee City-County Task Force on Climate and Equity. The resolution can be found on the July 28 Board meeting agenda as Item #5 under Regular Items of Business.

Board President Bob Peterson and Board Director Marva Herndon presented the resolution, which was met favorably by members. The resolution passed after enthusiastic discussion about ways that MPS students and the Milwaukee community could benefit from the identified actions.

The resolution includes a number of steps to be taken over the next decade designed to respond to climate change, support a green economy, and improve economic opportunities in the community. These include:

• Dedicate staffing and resources to promote climate justice education and develop a climate action plan

• Seek resources from state and federal government to undertake conservation and renewable energy retrofit of district buildings

• Prepare students for college and career in the growing field of green sector jobs

• Adopt international climate reduction targets to cut greenhouse gases in Milwaukee Public Schools by 45 percent by 2030.