Seeing through blindness

April 25, 2019

Being Frank

People tell us who they are every day. The mistakes we make in relationships or business deals with people can often be avoided if we saw people for who they are. This refusal to see people for who they are is killing the family structure in the USA. This blindness has all but killed America’s educational system. This refusal to see things without rose-colored glasses has stunted the growth of the African American for the last 50 years. If the USA is going to show positive progression in the future, citizens have to open up their eyes and take action.

Family life is suffering in the USA. One of the main causes is often the dereliction of duty pertaining to children. Often children are raised without any restrictions upon them. The Internet and the music industry warp young minds and many parents wind up living with the menace that plagues their community. Yet, these parents refuse to see the fact that the problem in their neighborhoods sleeps under their roofs in the form of their offspring. These parents watch their children go out into the world looking and acting the part of a hooligan or harlot, but refuse to do anything about it. This is the blindness that is killing the family and many inner city communities.

The education system may be the blindest of all factions in the USA. The school system requires every child to attend school. It forces children who would probably benefit more by either working or learning a trade instead of learning Shakespeare. What you wind up with in many schools is a major faction of the students just going through the motions. Every child is not academically inclined or has the patience to sit through 12 years of educational programming. There is a vast portion of students who should be purged out of the school system. This is extremely true at the high school level. School boards in the USA know this fact but refuse to be honest and take the needed measures to rectify this situation. These school boards continue to live in this destructive blind world.

In the 50-plus years since Martin Luther King, Jr., was assassinated, the African American people have gone backwards. The number of incarcerated blacks per 100,000 has gone up. Black unemployment has gone up and the number of single female parent families has tripled. The masses of African Americans are still worried about getting killed by whites or police. African Americans still hold rallies harping on the same topics that were supposed to be solved in 1968. Why? African Americans are blind to the reality that they live in the USA created by whites for whites. No one shares the pie when they don’t have to, so why should whites share this All American apple pie with African Americans? A sweet potato pie, maybe, but apple pie? No way, no how.

The solution to all the previous issues is very simple. People have to start seeing things as they are and make adjustments. In the family, parents need to start calling the authorities on their children. If calling the police on a child isn’t appealing to parents then they need to handle the problem themselves in some fashion. In the education system school boards need to expunge the students who are taking up space. Many of these students are heading to dead-end jobs anyway, so why waste time keeping them from this? The African American simply needs to stop depending on the system that has oppressed them for 500 years. Use the system but not be used by it via assimilation. The solutions to these problems are so simple they are complex. Maybe that is why these problems will probably not be solved.

Frank James IV © 2019

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