Juneteenth Day or joke?

June 13, 2019

Everyone knows that Juneteenth Day is the celebration of the slaves being freed. Way back in 1865 the USA decided that it was okay for African slaves to be free people. Black people were free to be the whipping boy for the country whenever the USA needed someone to blame. Black people would eventually become African Americans, thereby adopting the American last name. In 2019 the Juneteenth Day celebrations are modern day minstrel shows and one of the biggest jokes on the planet.

“I’s free boss!” many slaves proclaimed in 1865. Sadly many modern-day slaves are still screaming this, only in their sleep. When awake, the 2019 version of the African American is still in the slave status Black people were in in 1864. I know African Americans can vote or sit in the front of the bus, whoopee. African Americans are still the whipping boy/ girl for the USA. African Americans are still second-class citizens in the USA. Let me correct that…with the Latino community and others, African Americans are fourth-class citizens in the USA, they dropped two spots.

A free people do not need to showcase their freedom or get it okayed by those who oppressed them. African Americans are still looking to be accepted and have their existence approved by those who oppressed them. The African American is so blind that they stage spectacles that are supposed to showcase freedom and intelligence that only make the race look more pitiful. The average Juneteenth Day celebration will usually consist of drinking, eating, dancing and some form of violence. The latter will be showcased on the evening news and the other races will wonder if African Americans should have ever been freed.

After being freed for 154 years, the African American is a mind-wiped zombie who glorifies in his own degeneration. Take a look at the average African American on the streets. The descendants of kings and queens walk around looking like something out of a bad horror story. After a 30-year run, sagging pants are still considered a fashion statement. Weave and wigs have become commonplace in elementary schools for young girls. Listen to the music that the African American creates and wonder if there has ever been anything so foolish. What other race of people have a billion dollar industry that revolves around killing each other and pimping out the females? Add the males to the pimped-out section, too. The new trend is if African American males aren’t killing each other they should be in bed with each other. Ditto for the African American female.

The so-called successful African American is the biggest joke on the planet. People will say, “I saw a African American running a successful company on CBS,” or “There was an African American President.” This is the trick bag that hides the fact that the 2019 African American is worse off mentally than the slave in 1864 Alabama. The modern day African American can’t see they are slaves. The glitter of false titles and materialism has blinded them to the facts that show how African Americans are still chattel for the USA system and still have babies to keep the system running.

Many 2019 African American females have children they can’t afford. These females turn to the USA system to feed, house and care for their child. This is the same mindset that the slave had on the plantation. The goal was to have as many ‘Lil Suckas’ for master as possible and he would take care of them. Since the children were master’s property he would supply the needs to bring up his new slaves. That is exactly what is taking place in 2019. The social programs are picking up where the plantation owner left off. If African Americans are so free why are they still having ‘Lil Suckas?’

This may sound harsh but it’s a Juneteenth Day piece. I’s a free man.

Frank James IV © 2019

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