Presidential candidates must earn our vote

August 13, 2020

Presidential candidates have traditionally taken the Black vote for granted. True, urban communities have overwhelmingly voted for the candidates who best understand our lived experience. But party leadership has increasingly been losing touch with our reality.

Democratic leaders need to hear from us that yes, many of us support a progressive platform that calls for quality health care for all, education for all, and justice for all.

But that justice also must include our unborn Black and brown babies, as well as mothers and grandmothers, and fathers and grandfathers.

The Democratic party has silently undergone a drastic shift in recent years.

Now leaders want to make abortion — including late term abortion — a permanent policy paid for with our tax dollars. They won’t even allow an alternative opinion to be heard at their meetings, let alone run a candidate who disagrees with third trimester abortions. The leaders need to hear from us that supporting women and families does not mean killing the babies.

Significant and up-to-date research concludes that financial reasons — simply not being able to pay for groceries and rent — and lack of good childcare options — lead women into a choice they do not want to make.

Pro-abortion extremism means trying to solve our problems by killing our babies — rather than by actually supporting our women and men.

Now, we approach a critical Presidential election where a Democratic victory is essential. This is a terrible time to exclude voters who demand better ways to solve problems.

Democratic voters have accepted that we need to make compromises to achieve the greater victory; many are unenthusiastically voting for Biden. Why would the Party not take it one step further and include the Pro-Life Democrats? We make up one-third of the party.

Opening the party up to Pro-Life candidates will get more progressives into office. In 90 percent of districts nationwide, a majority of voters support a ban on abortion after 20 weeks. For many voters, abortion is a deal breaker issue, given that it is truly a matter of life and death.

Many are looking for a party where they can support ethically consistent policies which protect and aid all humans. On the flip side, an extreme position of fully legalized abortion needlessly gives President Trump fuel for energizing his base – especially those who vote for him despite his policies and behavior.

To be clear, we know the Democratic Party is home to a wide coalition of worldviews, religions, and ideologies. We are happy to work alongside our pro-choice colleagues to create a more just and responsible government. We know the abortion debate is a challenging issue, full of nuance and difficult moral questions, and that it will take time to convince all our progressive friends of the need to protect women and unborn humans. However, in the meantime, all we’re asking for is an invitation to the party. Let’s make our voices heard!

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