Celebrating Unnamed Heroes

March 2, 2015


By: Gerard Randall Chair, African American Council Republican Party of Wisconsin Black History Month provides us an opportunity to celebrate our culture and history in a meaningful way. During this time, it is important that we honor those who have challenged the status quo and served as a catalyst for change in our community. As a result of their determination and perseverance, new generations of African Americans are achieving unprecedented social and economic success. Leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, Frederick Douglass, and Rosa Parks will forever be recognized for shaping history. They took principled stands in the face of fierce opposition, and in turn, permanently changed the course of American society. Without them, the world as we know it may have looked very different than it does today. But, it’s the unnamed heroes making a difference in our communities each and every day who deserve recognition, as well. These silent champions of civil rights include mothers, fathers, sons and daughters who volunteer their time and resources in a continued fight against injustice and inequality. Their dedication and sacrifice captures the true spirit of what we celebrate during Black History Month. The Republican Party humbly honors these unsung heroes, as well as the champions of freedom who came before them. Freedom and equality for all Americans remains at the forefront of the Republican Party’s mission. Our policies and initiatives strive to give every American the opportunity to realize the American Dream. Republicans of all backgrounds and beliefs are working to deliver a Wisconsin that is more free and more prosperous than the one we inherited. While celebrating Black History Month, we must stand together in pursuit of a brighter future for ALL of Wisconsin’s sons and daughters.