Public Announcement for an Emergency Research Study of Cardiac Arrest

July 22, 2016

Public Announcement for an Emergency
Research Study of Cardiac Arrest
Airways in Southeast Wisconsin
Researchers at the Medical College of Wisconsin are
studying which type of advanced airway method is better
for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to use on a person
having cardiac arrest.

Cardiac Arrest is a major public health problem. There are
about 300,000 cardiac arrest cases in the U.S. every year and
only about 10% of people survive. This study will compare
two commonly used Advanced Airway methods for adults
having a cardiac arrest. The study will begin August 2016
in southeast Wisconsin and include Milwaukee County
Emergency Medical Services and Flight for Life.

Because cardiac arrest is an emergency, this study meets
the U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines for
exception from informed consent under emergency

Opting out of this study: Anyone who does not wish to
be enrolled in this study may opt-out by wearing an optout
bracelet or necklace. EMS providers are trained to not
enroll anyone who is wearing this bracelet or necklace.
An opt-out bracelet or necklace may be requested free of
charge by either calling the Resuscitation Research Center
at (414) 805-6493 or email at

For information about the study or if you do not want to
be included, please call Dr M. Riccardo Colella at (414)-
805-6493, email at, or visit the website at