April – Alcohol Awareness Month (Week 3)

April 22, 2021

April is Alcohol Awareness Month. We have been focusing on increasing awareness of the effects of abuse of alcohol. This week, Mental Health America of Wisconsin1 asks these questions to look out for warning signs of alcohol abuse noting if you answer “yes” to any of the following questions, you may have a problem with alcohol:

• Do you drink alone when you feel angry or sad?
• Does your drinking ever make you late for work?
• Does your drinking worry your family?
• Do you ever drink after telling yourself you won’t?
• Do you ever forget what you did while you were drinking?
• Do you get headaches or have a hangover after drinking? (1)

The American Addiction Centers indicates that although a person may not be abusing alcohol regularly, they can still experience its short-term effects on the mind and body. Some effects of alcohol can range from mild, such as skin flushing, to more severe symptoms such as passing out or vomiting.

Short-term effects of alcohol may include:

• Lower inhibitions, leading to poor social judgment.
• Trouble concentrating.
• Loss of coordination and critical judgment.
• Dulled perception, especially vision.
• Mood swings.
• Reduced core body temperature.
• Raised blood pressure.

Long-term effects of excessive drinking may include:

• Memory loss.
• Loss of attention span.
• Trouble learning.
• Liver fibrosis.
• High blood pressure.
• Stroke.
• Irregular heartbeat.(2)

Wondering how you can help to spread the word about alcohol awareness during Alcohol Awareness Month?

• Encourage loved ones and friends you know to practice limiting their consumption by keeping track of quantity consumed.
• Encourage parents to discuss alcohol abuse with their children and talk to your own children, too.
• Share on social media that April is Alcohol Awareness Month.(3)


1 Mental Health America of Wisconsin “Alcohol and Other Drug Use (AODA” at http://www.mhawisconsin.org/aoda.aspx.
2 American Addiction Centers Editorial Staff, “Effects of Alcohol on the Body and Mind, Updated February 2019.
3 National Day Calendar.com – Awareness Days.

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