A fond farewell and deepest thank you

July 7, 2022

By William S. Gooden
The Milwaukee Times

On Friday, June 17, 2022, I received an email from Rev. Judith T. Lester regretting to inform myself and the staff of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper that she had been dealing with a health issue since May and would no longer be able to continue her weekly column.

Rev. Lester has been writing “The Counseling Corner” since 2001 when she was approached by Nathan Conyers and Louvenia Johnson to write a new Christian column for the Christian Times section of the newspaper. Each and every month Rev. Lester would tackle a different topic, everything from serious issue like dealing with breast cancer diagnosis to domestic violence; to more lighthearted topics like the joys of parenthood or discussing lessons of the Bible. Not matter the topic, Rev. Lester always approached each and every one with seriousness, honesty and faith.

It was her weekly column in the Times that was instrumental in her talent being noticed by the National Baptist Sunday School Publishing Board (SSPB). The organization offered her the opportunity to write Bible lessons. For the last 19 and a half years, she has served as a writer for the SSPB in Nashville, TN. She writes a wide range of educational learning materials from youth to adult, namely the Quarterly Sunday School Lessons, Vacation Bible School, the Townsend Press Adult Sunday School Commentary and Living the Baptist Faith Facilitator’s Guide. Rev. Lester is also a contributor to the National Baptist Voice magazine and the Christian Education Informer. She is also a published author of “A GOSPEL People: Bible Studies for Youth Around the Globe.

Rev. Lester has never received a salary for her work writing for the Times. Rather, she did it because she has a passion for helping to educate others, helping them broaden not only their knowledge but also their faith.

During an interview in 2018 for the Black Excellence Awards, for which she was honored in the Religion category, Rev. Lester told the Times, “My life has been guided by three principles,” she said, “determination, commitment and education.”

On behalf of the ownership and staff of the Milwaukee Times and of the community, I would like to sincerely thank Rev. Lester for her work and dedication to “The Counseling Corner” for more than 21 years, and wish her the best in the future.

If you would like to read more of Rev. Lester’s past columns, you can find past issues on our website at https://milwaukeetimesnews.com. Click on Digital Editions to read past issues. “The Counseling Corner” can be found in our “Christian Times” section.