A message from the The Milwaukee Times family

May 3, 2018

In 1981, Nathan Conyers helped found what would become The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper, an accomplishment which would not have been possible without the loyalty and ongoing support of the African American community in Milwaukee. Nathan was fiercely proud of the Times’ devoted readers and worked tirelessly to provide informative and positive news, photos, accurate information, inspiration and hope.

An article published in the November 29, 1982 edition of The Milwaukee Sentinel reported that circulation had grown to 5,000 since its founding. In that article, Nathan described the purpose of the year-old newspaper he’d helped found as to provide an account “rich in culture and texture” of the inner city. In that same interview he said that part of what motivated him to start the newspaper was his belief that “if we are going to have any control over our destiny, we’ve got to have a written history.”

Nathan was always looking for new ways to lift others up. In 1985, he and The Milwaukee Times initiated the annual Black Excellence Awards to recognize and celebrate the achievements of local African Americans. Three years later the Louvenia Johnson Scholarship Fund was created to provide scholarships for deserving inner city students.

With his death after a long illness on April 27, 2018, The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper community has lost the last living member of the trio which in 1981 founded The Christian Times. Both local realtor Luther Golden, as well as community activist and retired nurse Louvenia Johnson, preceded Nathan in death.

Many long-time publishers write a parting column reflecting on their career as a journalist before they retire. Nathan did not have that opportunity and probably would have declined if offered. Even though in recent years his health prevented him from being in the office on a daily basis, he continued to be involved with the newspaper. For a number of years, his widow, Lynda Jackson Conyers has served as the publisher, but those founding values: to provide an account “rich in culture and texture” of the inner city in the form of a “written history,” will remain the primary basis of The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper coverage for many more years to come under Lynda’s ongoing leadership.

If Nathan had one regret before laying down his pen and camera for the last time on this earth, it would most likely be his inability to thank the inner city community of Milwaukee for its loyalty and support during the past 37 years in which The Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper has sought to publicize stories of hope and light for its readers.

“A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness,” said American religious leader, lawyer, and politician James E. Faust. “It is an expression of humility. It is a foundation for the development of such virtues as prayer, faith, hope, courage, love, education and well-being.”

Those who were privileged to know or work with Nathan saw all of those qualities in his character and his work. Our ongoing promise to you, our readers and supporters, is that we will continue to strive to build upon the strong foundation of prayer, faith, courage, contentment, happiness, love and well-being that Nathan worked so hard to include in every issue.

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