Northcott Neighborhood House honors local leaders as part of Juneteenth Celebrations

June 24, 2021

Event Photo

On Friday, June 11, 2021, Northcott Neighborhood House hosted their “Because of Them We Can Awards,” with the 50th Anniversary of Northcott’s Juneteenth Celebration at On The Bayou restaurant, 2053 North Dr. Martin Luther King Drive.

The event honored 24 outstanding leaders from our community including Clayborn Benson, City Alderwoman Milele A. Coggs, Tyrone Dumas, LaMarr Franklin (left), Adriane Griffin, Reuben Harpole, Margaret Henningsen, Adeline Hooker , Ben Johnson (right), Northcott Executive Director Tony A. Kearney, Sr., Yvonne Kemp (center left), LaTonya Lucas, Congresswoman Gwen Moore, June Perry-Stevens, and MacArthur Weddle (center right). As part of the presentation six deceased community leaders were honored in memoriam, including State Representative Isaac N. Coggs, State Representative Marcia P. Coggs, photographer Harry Kemp, Jan Kemp, Robert “Bob” Johnson, and Joseph Winston.