Milwaukee County’s Office on African American Affairs celebrates Black History Month

January 21, 2021

The Office on African American Affairs (OAAA) serves to support Milwaukee County and empower the community to make the County’s vision ‘by achieving racial equity, Milwaukee is the healthiest county in Wisconsin’ a reality.

Since our inception OAAA has been a key partner in helping County leaders confront racial disparities and inequity. This set the stage for Milwaukee County to become the first jurisdiction in the United States to declare “racism a public health crisis” in 2019. Building upon the declaration we have been working to cement an explicit focus on achieving health and racial equity. We have provided over 11,000 hours of racial equity training to over 3,000 County employees and have put racial equity and health at the center of the County’s strategic plan. Our work is challenged by two pandemics: COVID-19, which has widened disparities and disproportionately impacts Black and Brown communities; and racism, which continues to fuel polarization, unrest, and violence across our county and nation. We are proud of the work we’ve done to aid the County’s response to both pandemics, partnering with local groups to bring culturally relevant messages to hard to reach communities, and connecting community activists, organizers, and advocates with County leaders to drive community-based solutions.

OAAA is committed to putting African Americans at the center of shaping this work across the county. This intentionality will ensure a future where race is no longer a factor in a person’s health and quality of life outcomes. In tasking OAAA with being a driver of the County’s vision, County Executive David Crowley is making a commitment to shift how the County shows up in and responds to community needs. We invite you to engage with OAAA this year and to share your thoughts, strategies, and ideas with us at

Find us on social media at OAAA MKE, visit us at online at county.milwaukee. gov/EN/OAAA, or call us (414) 278-7979.