Canaan Baptist Church recognizes senior members with ‘The Golden Years’ celebration

December 13, 2018

Event Photo

On Saturday, October 27, 2018, Canaan Baptist Church held a special event to honor their congregation’s senior members. All of the 40 honorees were members who are 80 years or older. One of the oldest honorees had recently turned 100 years old. Unfortunately, a few of the honorees were not present due to health issues and two of the honorees, the late Bro. Joseph Burtin, and the late Sis. Martha Smith, passed during the planning. All of the honorees were presented with a crown to wear for the day and a plaque thanking them for their contributions to Canaan Baptist Church.

Pictured are (back row, from left) Sis. Essie Holifield, Bro. Franklin R. Marion, Sis. Dorothy Olloway, Sis. Martha Simond, Canaan pastor Rev. Dr. Fredrick Jones, Sis. Willie Metcalf, Bro. Werdell McWilliams, Dr. Lessarree S. Walker, Sis. Elaine Lee, (second row) from left, Sis. Edith Brown, Sis. Louise Coleman, Sis. Kivesta Andrew, Sis. Ann Seroyer- Tate, Sis. Ruth Horton, Bro. Emmitt Williams, Sis. Josephine Hicks, Sis. Jessie Westmorland, Sis. Ella Bailey, Bro. Percy Bailey, (front row, from left) Sis. Lessie be Qualls, Dr. Louise A. Morman, Sis. Carrie Burtin, Sis. Bettye Coleman, Sis. Marie Irby, Sis. Delores Holland, Sis. Delores Holifield, Sis. Lucy Morgan, and Sis. Juanita Jones. Not pictured but also part of the honorees as well are: Sis. Cora Allen, Sis, Dallas Bohanon, Sis. Dorothy Jones, Sis. Helen Lampley, Bro. Walter Smith, Sis. Willie Smith, Bro. William Westmoreland, the late Bro. Joseph Burtin, and the late Sis. Martha Smith.

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