Love kindness

October 26, 2015

Mike Robertson

By: Mike Robertson

Special to the Milwaukee Times

What exactly do we mean when we put these two words together? How do we identify Kindness and how do we show we actually Love kindness? In this case Love is a verb which requires specific action. So, as we begin this column let us realize that merely admiring or acknowledging acts of kindness is not what we are suggesting. If we want to make a lasting difference in our lives, our families and our community we need to admit that how we treat others is the most important thing we do. Just consider the many awards and publicity we give to praise athletic, academic, physical, artistic and financial success. As a result, our role models may not be people of true character.

Yet, every day throughout greater Milwaukee, people are doing acts of kindness that go unacknowledged. Let’s begin to identify kindness as being at least as important as a winning touchdown. How can we do this? This column will be your way of identifying those who have been kind to you or some specific kindness you personally observed. We will begin by listing in this column acts of kindness you send in and will give out monthly kindness awards. As this develops we will also present annual kindness awards in many different categories.

Who might be the winner of the 2015 Milwaukee’s Love Kindness person of the year award? We give awards for so many other achievements and then ignore kindness as something of significant importance. What might it take for Milwaukee to become known as the “Love Kindness City?” You have heard it said that, “the longest journey begins with a single step.”

You can help us take that first step by mailing or emailing me your kindness stories and nominations. These will be printed in future columns and everyone who sends in a nomination will receive a Love Kindness package. We want to share these inspiring stories with others so that we can begin to change what we consider to be important. As you do this you might want to do a specific act of kindness each day for the next three weeks. It has been said that when you do something for 21 successive days that it will become a habit. Just think, you can become the kinder person you were always meant to be and then share your experience so your success can inspire others. Kindness is much more important than violence so let us begin to truly Love Kindness!

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