Get shopping

January 17, 2014

downloadDecember 25th is right around the corner. Because of the lateness of Thanksgiving, the number of shopping days are scarce. There are wish lists to be filled and dreams to answer. The magical time of year is here so get out your debit card and head to the mall. The holiday season is a time of giving and spending so let’s get shopping.
Many Americans have children and don’t have an idea of what to buy them. To ensure many children have a great Christmas the following items are on the short list for children. We’ll start with the young girls. The top seller for decades and still ranked number one is: Barbie. Barbie is still the top requested toy by girls according to the National Retail Foundation. The great thing about Barbie is she comes in all colors. Please don’t be scared to buy a boy a Barbie doll because it’s 2013 not 1913.
Let’s shift over to the young boys. The top gift for young boys is: Legos. According to the Los Angeles Times the legendary Lego blocks are what every young boy wants. This is probably because of the variety of scenarios and set-ups the blocks can be used to create. Parents should feel good if their child wants Lego blocks because it takes time and imagination to use this gift properly. Similar to the Barbie doll, don’t be afraid to buy Legos for a female child.
Teenagers are either the hardest to shop for or the easiest. A parent has to know their child to shop for a teen. Lego blocks and Barbie dolls won’t cut it with a junior in high school. It is usually around this age where most parents get tired of shopping with their child and just hand them money. But it is Christmas so here are a few ideas.
Technology rules the average teen’s mind. A cell phone or tablet upgrade is always welcomed by a teen. The problem is many teens already have iPhones and iPads. Clothes can be a parent’s fail-safe gift. Teens never tire of wearing hooded sweatshirts and jeans. This Christmas an upscale designer hooded sweatshirt and jeans will make many teens happy.
The gift ideas for adults are much simpler. This is the time of year diamonds become a women’s best friend. Any man shopping for a special woman cannot go wrong by investing in something that has a few carats in it. The smile and hug received from handing a woman a diamond ring, bracelet or necklace is an experience. It must be noted that diamonds can cure relationship woes, but only for a limited time. If your relationship is on the rocks, then hold off on the diamonds. Nine West boots or shoes are a cheaper remedy and the loss is less severe to the pocket.
What to get a man for Christmas? Many women will get a man clothes or tools for a gift, but is that what a man wants? Sure, the average man will take the clothes and put the tools to use. But what would a man in America really cherish? It could be as simple as having an enlightening evening with an attractive woman who makes him feel like he’s wanted and special. A woman who listens, encourages and doesn’t nag, this gift is also good for females from men. It’s ironic the one gift many long for can be given freely by loved ones or purchased from strangers for various prices. Happy Holidays!

Frank James IV © 2013

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