A remedy to inner city violence

April 23, 2015

Violence still holds sway in Milwaukee. Children have been shot. Ghetto jus- tice has been passed out. A peace vigil was held. The populations of certain neigh- borhoods continue to live in fear for their children. Mil- waukee has a disease that is killing the life of the city. Strangely enough there is a cure for this dilemma. It’s time to hold the people in certain neighborhoods ac- countable for their environ- ment. The car accident that killed Damani Terry and led to three other deaths is a culmi- nation of the environment. People always complain about the poverty in the in- ner city. Poverty is a point of view. The poverty that needs to be addressed is poverty of the mind. The critics who lay blame to a lack of culture for the inner city are also wrong. It is culture that creates situ- ations where events like the Terry tragedy take place. If you look at the images that youth today revere you find a sad state. Many youth idolize media creations that are not reality. The violent nature of gangs and drugs has been fertilized because the community likes it. This may sound shocking but let’s think. Just look around any inner city community on a day that seems normal. You will see youth who seem to be waiting for something to happen. These youth have been unknowingly indoctri- nated into a culture that is designed to fail. The older people in these communities continually call for peace. But how can you call for peace when you dress your child for chaos? The average parent spends good money on their child’s dress. If you don’t want your child profiled then why continue to buy them hoodies or oversized jeans? If you want to create respect in females then why buy them short skirts and tons of hair weave? Many communities have or are creating their own gallows. The music industry is a major component in the creation of the inner city plight. The bombardment of today’s youth by songs full of sex, lies and drugs has warped the youth. It is not uncommon to see females dressing like males and vice versa. The mood created from listen- ing to the lyrics of some of the hottest songs out is vio- lent. Even when some songs are talking about love, they create images of crude sex. How can you expect anything than what you have in the inner city after listening to this for a few decades? Many people want to blame the youth but the adults are the main perpetrators. Adults should be in control of what their children watch, how they act and dress. Sadly many adults dress in the same fashion of self-destruction as their child. How can we expect Junior to act sane if Senior is a lunatic? How can a young girl develop morals if Mama is turning up all the time? Culture is the disease that is killing Milwaukee and inner cities around the USA. The media focuses on in- ner city problems when vio- lence occurs. It is time for the people in these areas to focus everyday. Take the time to look at yourself and be honest in your assessment. Parents should look at their children and ask if they are leading them to an early grave. Parents should then do a self-assessment to decide if they need change. The good part about fixing the main issue with the inner city is it doesn’t cost much. If people changed their dress or lifestyle it would probably save money. At the least it may save lives. Frank James IV © 2015 beingfrankwithfrank@ gmail.com The opinions expressed in this editorial are those of the writer and not of the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper or NCON Communication, its staff or management. Being Frank is a bi-weekly column exclusive to the Milwaukee Times Weekly Newspaper.