Veteran WNOV radio host Eric Von dies

September 15, 2016

ericvon-sqEric Von, one of the leading
voices of black talk radio
in Milwaukee, died September
8 of an apparent heart
attack. He was 58 years old
and had suffered for a number
of years from a debilitating
chronic illness. In addition
to his radio broadcasting
work, Von was also a journalist,
television broadcaster,
founder of the online men’s
health magazine Brain Brawn
and Body and one of the most
sought after opinion leaders
in the Milwaukee community.
Von was also a recipient
of a 2013 Black Excellence
“This will be a huge loss
not just for the radio station,
but the entire community,
particularly the African
American community,” said
WNOV radio host Michele
Bryant. Mayor Tom Barrett
said he had appeared numerous
times on Von’s program.
“There were times he would
hold my feet to the fire and
even though we were friends,
his first priority was always
what was right for the city,”
Mayor Barrett said. “I always
felt he was fair… He was a
brilliant man and had knowledge
in a lot of different areas.
He was just a class act.”
Bryant said Von passed
away while on his back
porch with his dog. His body
was discovered by his wife,
Faithe Colas. A public memorial
service was held at
the Marquette Alumni Memorial
Union from 4-7 p.m.
on Wednesday, September
14, 2016.