Milwaukee radio personality Michael Hightower has died

April 18, 2014

Michael Hightower, longtime radio personality for Jammin’ 98.3 FM in Milwaukee, has died, according to Annmarie Topel, vice president and general manager of the Milwaukee Radio Group.
Hightower, 58, was last on the air Wednesday, April 9, 2014, Topel said. She had no further information on his death.
“We found out this morning and we are all still in shock. He loved his job and he will be missed by all of us and all of his listeners,” Topel said.
On the 98.3 website was a picture of Hightower with a quote from the radio station: “I have sad news to share. A member of our Jammin’ 98.3 family has passed away. It’s with a heavy heart that I tell you that Michael Hightower, host of ‘Moments in Love ‘ for the past 14 years, has passed. I’m sure you will join us in praying for his family and we’ll keep you up to date.”
If you ever listened to “Moments in Love,” you will remember Hightower’s warm sensual voice. While he brought many listeners in for great music for over a decade, he also provided men and women with great relationship advice as well as stimulating conversation about love and dating.
A typical question Hightower would ask during his segment would go something like this: “John is a hard working man and he wants to take out a woman from his job. The problem is, she is an executive and he just started working there as a clerk. Should he ask her out on a date?”
Dozens of people would call in and offer their advice, and then Hightower would chip in with his own advice and well – wishes to the person in need of advice.
Hightower was born and raised in Milwaukee although he spent a few years in Oklahoma doing radio and TV. He bounced around from a number of local radio stations in Milwaukee working for a number of R&B and pop radio stations.
He found his niche when he started his “Moments in Love” segment, which ran from 7 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday and where he talked to callers about everything romance. What made his segments cool is that they never crossed the line. He focused on romance, not sex. Some of the best calls dealt with people getting over a heartbreak but refusing to give up on love.
Hightower always knew the right song to play. If you were getting over a heartbreak, starting a new relationship or satisfied with being single, he knew which song pushed the right buttons.