Souls to the Polls and Greater Galilee hosts ‘Labor Day Sit-In’

September 24, 2020

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Lift Up the Fight for Black Lives, Black Votes and Economic Justice Souls to the Polls, Greater Galilee Baptist Church and a network of churches, unions and community groups hosted a Labor Day sit-in on Monday, September 7, 2020 at Greater Galilee Baptist Church, 2432 N. Teutonia Avenue.

The struggles of the past six months have created fear and instability around the country, but churches, unions and community groups in Milwaukee have united to celebrate Labor Day and the strength of working people to build a society based on fairness, equality and a decent life for all Americans. This event will also mobilize voter participation for the presidential election in less than eight weeks.

Pastor Johnny White of Greater Galilee Baptist Church initiated the sit-in, saying, “ We cannot allow the forces of darkness to prevail. Our children should be safe from violence, our votes should be safe from suppression, all of us should have the opportunity to work, and every person in our community should have the food, shelter and health care needed for a secure future. Even if many of us cannot march, we can sit and be witness to these rights.”

Staff Photos

Sandra Thurman, event coordinator, stated that COVID-19 prevention was a key feature of the Labor Day event. There were safety screens, masks, clean wipes and social distancing. “We provided voter registration and absentee ballot request assistance for anyone interested. There also were information tables with lists of Election Commission sites for voter assistance, ballot deposit boxes and early voting.”

“The annual Labor Day parade was canceled, but we honored the organizations of working people who fought for good wages and working conditions. We will continue to raise up the call for all Milwaukee residents to secure family-supporting jobs, the call for an end to police brutality and the commitment to an election that ensures every person can vote safely and every ballot is counted,” said Reverend Greg Lewis of Pastors United.