Milwaukee churches band together to get ‘Souls to the Polls’

October 18, 2018

Central City religious leaders from diverse denominations mobilize voters for Nov. 6

More than 40 Ministers from City of Milwaukee convened at Canaan Missionary Baptist Church,– 2975 North 11th Street, on September 29, 2018, to hold a press conference before they launched a massive door-to-door canvass effort. Ministers and members of their congregations knocked on every door in an 80 square block area urging people to vote on November 6 and leaving information on where and when they can vote.

According to Rev. Greg Lewis of St. Gabriel’s Church of God In Christ, “Our people must use their votes as a megaphone to call for jobs, health care, police accountability, safe streets and quality schools. As religious leaders, we can rebuild hope that voting makes a difference in who makes decisions that can help or hurt us.”

In the 2016 elections, there were 40,000 fewer voters in Milwaukee than in 2012 — 29,000 were African American. Most lived in the five poorest districts in the city. More than 9,000 had no voter ID. Souls to the Polls is addressing both the lack of voter engagement and the problems with harsh new voting laws. Voting Specialist Anita Johnson is working to make sure that barrier is down in 2018. “I am educating people on what they need to vote, helping get their photo ID, and making sure people have the tools to participate.

“Our community has been seriously damaged by decisions made in Madison and Washington,” said Pastor Mose Fuller of St. Timothy’s Baptist Church. “We are losing resources for critical services because our community is not a priority for many politicians. In 2018, we are going to show political leaders that our voting block matters and we better be a priority in the future.”

The canvass went south from Chambers Street to North Avenue. Souls to the Polls is a network of churches building a groundswell of voters in 2018. For more information, please call Rev. Greg Lewis at 414-324-1629 or email at