Scott Walker named to Time Magazine’s ‘100 most Influential People’ list

May 1, 2014

scott-walker-wisconsin-governorGov. Scott Walker has been named to Time Magazine’s yearly list of the world’s 100 most influential people, joining the ranks of world leaders, entertainers and religious figures.
In a particular coup for the GOP governor, his tribute in the magazine’s list was written by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a potential adversary in the 2016 presidential race.
“His battle to bring fairness to the taxpayers through common sense reform of the public-sector collective-bargaining laws brought him scorn from the special interests and a recall election. Despite these threats, he stood tall,” Christie writes.
In a statement, Walker said he was “certainly humbled by this honor,” which carried a photo of him seated on a Harley-Davidson outside the Statehouse.
The Walker piece initially carried the cryptic headline of “The politician who reached out to the West” — the same headline given to the previous article on