Motherland Media Co-Op Alliance, Inc. is now a reality

April 6, 2013

The Motherland

Several weeks have passed since one of Milwaukee most popular media outlets (WMCS-1290 The Talk of the Town) changed its name and the daily broadcasting format has changed to something unrecognizable to many individuals who were loyal listeners to the former station and its cadre of on air personalities who were abruptly terminated. In the meantime, however, a group of concerned individuals have officially created a new business entity, Motherland Media Co-Op Alliance, Inc., in the City of Milwaukee. During a recent meeting at Heritage International Ministries, C.O.G.I.C. Church, 1036 W. Atkinson Ave., six individuals, Minister Nathaniel Stampley, Wallace White, Curtiss Harris, Oshi Adelabu, Marvin Jones and Attorney Lafayette Crump, signed legal documents organizing Motherland Media Co- Op Alliance, Inc. As a business entity, Motherland Media Co-Op’s mission is to explore alternatives which may be available to restore news talk to Milwaukee’s African American community. Additionally, the co-op may consider purchasing an existing radio station or become a stakeholder in one. Additionally, the co-op may also consider serving as a medium through which advertisers may purchase air-time or ad space for radio, television and print media throughout the United States.