Milwaukee spring 2020 election results

April 16, 2020

Despite the threat of the COVID-19 virus, more than 18,800 Milwaukee residents, many wearing masks to try to protect their health, headed to the polls on Tuesday, April 7, 2020 to vote in-person in the middle of the pandemic. In addition more than 75,000 returned absentee ballots were also counted, according to the City of Milwaukee Election Commission.

Voting was made even more difficult when the United States Supreme Court ruled that in-person voting had to commence, which was made even worse by the fact only five location were open to voters and many waited hours in line to vote, risking their health and causing disenfranchised voters to not show up at the polls.

Despite all the drama, the official election results were released on Monday, April 13, 2020. The winners are listed below:

Democratic Primary
Joe Biden

Milwaukee Mayor
Tom Barrett (inc.)

Milwaukee County
David Crowley

Milwaukee City
Spencer Coggs (inc.)

Milwaukee City Attorney
Tearman Spencer

Milwaukee City
Aycha Sawa

Supreme Court
Jill Karofsky

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 1
Ashanti Hamilton (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 3
Nik Kovac (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 5
Nikiya Dodd (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 6
Milele Coggs (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 7
Khalif Rainey (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 8
JoCasta Zamarripa

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 10
Michael J. Murphy (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 11
Mark A. Borkowski (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 13
Scott Spiker (inc.)

Milwaukee Alderperson
District 14
Marina Dimitrijevic

Milwaukee County
Supervisor District 4
Ryan Clancy

Milwaukee County
Supervisor District 6
Shawn Rolland

Milwaukee County
Supervisor District 11
Joseph J. Czarnezki

Milwaukee County:
Yes – 79%
No – 21%

Milwaukee Judge
Branch 5
Brett Blomme

Milwaukee Judge
Branch 29
Rebecca Klefer

Milwaukee County:
Milwaukee Schools
Exceed Limits $87M
Yes – 78%
No – 22%

Marsy’s Law:
Rights for Victims
Yes – 75%
No – 25%