Mack’s Heating and Air provides more than just good service, they are providing a way of life for those in the community

October 30, 2014

During a recent visit to Mack’s Heating on West Fond du Lac Ave., we entered his training room from the rear of the building. Walking through his shop, we discovered an assortment of air conditioning equipment, a white trailer and more stuff we couldn’t identify. Entering a huge room with a TV, a lectern, table and sofa, we met some of the men who attend the training classes, which don’t have a name yet. Mr. Mack has been installing heating equipment for 44 years. His vision for having classes in heating, carpentry, electrical, masonry, carpeting and plumbing are to hopefully develop a talented pool of people to form a consortium to build the next mega church in the City of Milwaukee. “Before we can do that” Mr. Mack said, “they all must be certified, have insurance and the appropriate licenses and be in business legally.” Mr. Mack said he didn’t want individuals who were a “jack of all trades and a professional at none.” Mr. Mack said the knowledge he has is what he wants to pass along to individuals who are consistent and know how to keep their word. He emphasized people doing work in the construction industry must be highly qualified and prepared to work in this industry so there won’t be any reason to be disqualified from doing a job. Pictured (from left) are: James Mack , Tracy L. Toole, Elvis Gordon, Gary Fowler, Murphy Drummond and John M. Smoots.