Ko-Thi Dance Company celebrates 50 years

November 8, 2018

Photo by Yvonne Kemp

On Sunday, November 4, 2018, the legendary Ko-Thi Dance Company celebrated 50 years of bringing African dance and music to the world with a performance of “Ujima” at UWM’s Zelazo Center – Bader Auditorium, 2419 East Kenwood Blvd. “Ujima: Collective Work & Responsibility,” is a full-length performance of a West African village during the preparation for a harvest and celebration of their bounty.

The collaborative ballet was choreographed by DeMar Walker; Sonya Thompson; Ko-Thi founder Ferne Caulker (inset); Muntu Dance Theater’s Amaniyea Payne; orchestration by Kumasi Allen and a premiere work by master artist M’Bemba Bangoura from Guinea, West Africa. “Ujima” was a stimulating celebration that inspired the audience to join with them.