‘Heal the Hood’ campaign working to build a brighter future

April 22, 2013

Healing the HoodPastors United has continued to meet on Thursdays to dialogue and discuss where they are in the community and what concerns need to be addressed in the Milwaukee area and within the congregations.

At last Thursday’s meeting, was a young man, Ajamou Butler, who presented to the audience his viewpoint on how young people in the community were feeling about situations that are surrounding them.

“I come before you as a representative from Heal the Hood Campaign.”

Ajamou ButlerHeal the Hood campaign was started on May 26, 2012, with a variety of support from local businesses and business leaders. Since its inception, the campaign has done several events that support community activities – such as hosting block parties, to conduct issues around sexual health, innocence of women and grooming young men as well.

Mr. Butler talked about ways that Pastors United can help Heal the Hood.

“For every homeless person, there are seven abandoned homes, but we as children of God, find comfort in the sanctuary which doesn’t extend outside of the Kingdom of God,” Butler explained, adding, “Heal  the Hood is working with Alderwoman Coggs on a restoration and beautification projects in her district to buy and rehab abandoned properties that can be offered to low-income or homeless individuals.

After his fiery presentation, the group discussed a major event they are planning. The members present set out to create smaller sub-committees, which anyone who becomes a member can join Pastors United and can be involved in the meetings. They are currently being held on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. at Jerusalem Baptist Church, 2505 W. Cornell Street.