Church gives away free gas to 60 cars

June 16, 2022

Life Changers Christian Church used $900 in donations to fuel up cars Saturday

At a time when filling a tank of gas oftentimes means spending $60 to $100, the news of free gas spread quickly Saturday, June 11, 2022.

“This is our daily gas station. We pulled up to stop for juices and we’re like, ‘We can’t get in,'” said Cynthia Pinto, a mom in line for gas Saturday. “They were like ‘It’s free gas.'”

“My neighbor said, “‘Hey they’re giving away free gas today.’ I was out working in the yard,” said Marshall Martin, who fueled up at the BP on free gas.

“You know how that is. You tell one person, with social media, it spreads like crazy,” said Kai Trimble- Lea, owner of Creation One BP gas station.

On Saturday, dozens of cars lined up outside Trimble-Lea’s gas station at N. Eighth Street and W. Atkinson Avenue. Each of the cars got $15 worth of free gas, all paid for in donations from Life Changers Christian Church.

Within 20 minutes of starting, the event was over. All $900 of the church’s donations were spent buying over 170 gallons of gas.

“That’s the need right now. People have to get to work, they have to get their children around,” said Pastor Jay, the church’s pastor. “Some people, that $15 goes a long way.”

Even more meaningful, choosing to have the event at the only Black-owned gas station in Wisconsin.

“I was thrilled and honored that they would think of us,” Trimble-Lea said. “People were happy, excited, thrilled. ‘Oh my gosh, thank you.’ Keep hearing that so much. They were excited.” About 60 cars were able to be fueled Saturday.