African American Chamber of Commerce hosts ‘Women in Business’ luncheon series on education, entrepreneurship and business

November 12, 2015

The African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin hosted “Women in Business Luncheon Series: Connecting Education to Entrepreneurship and Business” on Thurs., Nov. 12. This event, was held at the Milwaukee Yacht Club and featured those at the helm of leading educational and social institutions locally. Panelist include: Dr. Darienne Driver, Milwaukee Public Schools; Dr. Vicki Martin, Milwaukee Area Technical College; Paula Penebaker, YWCA Southeastern Wisconsin; and Dr. Joan Prince, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. ReDonna Rodgers with the Center for Teaching Entrepreneurship is the featured entrepreneur.

Those powerful women leaders have a unique position in guiding conversations about education and its economic impact on the larger community. The panel discussion explored a greater understanding of how business and education intersect through the lens of female executives who are charged with integrating programs and services intended to develop students’ core academic, technical, and employable skills. “African Americans, especially those in Wisconsin are experiencing many challenges that impact our business community. It is our mission to raise the economic outcome of African American families and communities through success stories, best practices, and exemplary models that build hope and promise,” said Dr. Eve Hall, president/CEO of the African American Chamber of Commerce and event moderator.

The AACCW is proud to have the support of corporate sponsors Milwaukee Business Journal and Johnson Controls, Inc. The African American Chamber of Commerce of Wisconsin supports the growth and sustainability of businesses owned by African Americans through four pillars of service: access to capital, advocacy, business development and community engagement.