Recipe – Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

July 30, 2020

Cherry Garcia Ice Cream

Recipe courtesy of “Always Eat After 7 PM”
Prep time: 10 minutes
Servings: 4

1/4 cup fresh Bing cherries, pitted and halved
1/4 cup stevia-sweetened dark chocolate bar, chopped
3 overripe frozen bananas, peeled and cut into 1-inch pieces
1/4 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1 pinch sea salt

Chill cherries and dark chocolate.

In food processor, pulse frozen bananas, milk and salt until smooth, creamy consistency of soft serve is achieved. Stir in cherries and chocolate. Serve immediately or place in freezer-safe container and freeze until serving.

Nutritional information per serving: 165 calories; 7 g fat; 27 g carbohydrates; 134 mg sodium; 6 g fiber; 2 protein; 12 g sugar.

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