Meet Cynthia M. Roberson – donation ambassador for the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin

February 21, 2019

In August 2014 Cynthia had kidney failure and went through dialysis for 3½ years. In March 2018, she got the call and on March 21, 2018 she had a kidney transplant at UW Health Hospital in Madison.

“I am forever grateful for another chance of life that God granted me,” Cynthia says. “I am deeply appreciative of the family that chose to donate to save MY LIFE! I want people to know they should live their BEST life EVERYDAY! In addition, be thankful for the small things and to remember that EVERY DAY is a day of THANKSGIVING. I’ve been blessed!”

Cynthia is a native of Milwaukee and her true passion lies in caring for the elderly and senior population. She has a large extended family and a strong church family. She has one grandson, Jahi. Cynthia is in the process of completing a bachelor’s degree at Ottawa University. Her favorite song is Great Is Your Mercy, by Donnie McClurkin.

On January 26, 2019, Cynthia competed in a Dancing with the Stars-style dance competition at the Spotlight on Life Gala hosted by the National Kidney Foundation of Wisconsin. She danced to She’s A Bad Mama Jama, alongside a Fred Astaire Dance Studio professional.

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