Q&A: Causes and treatments for frequent urination in adults

July 25, 2019

Q: What are the possible causes of frequent urination in older adults and the treatments? – T. Murphy

A: Excessive urination, or urinary frequency, can be divided into various causes. There can be an increase in total volume of urine produced or a dysfunction in voiding whereby there are problems with the storage and emptying of urine. Or it could be any number of conditions that include:

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) – This is only treated if the symptoms are bothering the patient. There are some medications that can treat BPH as well as surgical procedures.

Diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) – Depending on what type of diabetes you have that will determine what medication you will take. The patient will need to adopt a diabetic diet to keep their blood sugar at normal levels.

Interstitial cystitis– There is no cure for this, but several treatments for symptoms such as diet modification, bladder retraining, stress management and healthy sleeping habits.

Kidney infection – Antibiotics will be the normal treatment for this infection. The most popular home remedy is cranberry juice. Many people have had success treating kidney infections with cranberry juice for years.

There are many more possible causes of frequent urination. If you are experiencing unusual urinary frequency, particularly with pain or a fever, see your doctor.

So what can you do? Here are a few natural remedies that work:

Pomegranate paste: Make a paste from the skin of a pomegranate, add a pinch of it to water and consume twice daily.

Sesame seeds: Eat sesame seeds mixed with jaggery to control frequent urination.

Fenugreek seeds: Make a powder of the seeds, mix with ginger and weed seeds as well as with honey or water – consume twice daily.

Boiled spinach: Consuming boiled spinach can help balance the less or excess of urine flow.

Practice bladder control: exercise by holding in your urine for longer periods of time throughout the day – be mindful that holding in your urine for too long when you really have to go can increase the risk of infections, so don’t do it to the point where you are in pain.

White vinegar: Take two tablespoons and mix with a half cup of warm water, then drink to help reduce frequent urination.

Baking soda: Mix a teaspoon with a glass of water and drink once a day, every few days.

Cranberry: Containing bacteria-inhibiting properties, cranberry juice is good for reducing frequent urination. Drink about four ounces of pure cranberry juice to aid in preventing urinary tract infections and subsequent frequent urination.

Indian gooseberry juice: A great source of vitamin C, helping boost the immune system and treat potential problems of urinary tract infections. It contains useful inflammatory reducing properties.

Aloe vera juice: Aids in the reduction of inflammation and burning sensations during urination. It also helps improve kidney function.

Cumin seeds: Aids in alleviating digestive problems that may affect urination. Consuming with warm water every day will aid in treating frequent urination associated with digestive tract problems.

Also, remember to eat more apples, sweet potatoes, raspberries, beans, bananas, brown rice, and cherries to relieve constipation as it can trigger frequent urination. And don’t forget to stay away from alcohol.

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