Men’s Health Matters to All of Us (Part 3)

December 16, 2021

Men’s Health Night III: Real Talk is almost here. It takes place on Friday, December 17, 2021 at 6 p.m. and will set the stage for the next three Men’s Health Nights in the first quarter of the new year. The focus is on men’s minds, bodies and souls, and you’ll hear about the importance of each of them in Friday’s session. What we be a new cohort for All of Us, as we learned last week, is being brought to you by the University of Wisconsin-Madison All of Us Milwaukee team at the Center for Community Engagement and Health Partnerships, along with support from Unity Gospel House of Prayer, Raising the Bar non-profit and the Community Action Aging Resource Network (CAARN). Additionally, other area churches and pastors are getting their congregants involved, and other non-profit organizations are now playing a role. Bashir Easter, Ph.D., assistant director of UW All of Us Milwaukee joins us with an update, along with some of the gentlemen who will be presenting.

Milwaukee Times: Dr. Easter, what will men see on Friday?

Dr. Bashir Easter: After meeting with the men and then about a dozen professionals twice last week, we decided to plan the next three months. In January, we will focus specifically on the mind. In February, we will move to the body and follow-up with the soul in March. Thus, Friday will have 20-minute presentations of each to get the men ready for this journey. Pastor Clem Richardson of Kingdom Empowered Ministries, who is also a mental health and clinical substance abuse counselor, and Dr. R. Kweku Akyirefi Blaquesmith, PhD, LP, will begin with opening the men’s minds.

Dr. Kweku Blaquesmith: Men can expect to come into a space where the results are growth and healing in a holistic manner. It will be a masculine place where transparency and vulnerability are allowed.

Dr. Bashir Easter: Next up with the body will be fitness trainer Leonard Wilson, Robert Jackson with Raising the Bar and new to the effort but just as committed, Andre Lee Ellis who founded We Got This Community Garden but now director of community development of the Ultimate Farm Collaborative. He eats, sleeps, and sometimes wears his work, as you can see from his picture.

Mr. Andrew Lee Ellis: When it comes to food, what you take in determines what and how it comes out. Eat to live, not to get full.

Dr. Bashir Easter: We will end the evening focusing on the soul with Pastor Marlon Lock of Unity House Gospel of Prayer and Pastor Andrew Calhoun of Grace Fellowship Church of Milwaukee.

Dr. Andrew Calhoun: Through our presentation, the men will discover their inner need by finding purpose for life that inspires hope, comfort, and peace.

Milwaukee Times: We are sure that there is still time to register.

Dr. Bashir Easter: Absolutely! If any man would like to register, scan the respective flyer, or use this link: In addition to the presentations, the men will learn more about the cohort and some of the incentives that will keep them on track with learning about their health. We are looking forward to it. If anyone has questions about the Men’s Night series or about All of Us in general, they can call (414) 219-3810, Option 1 or visit nationally,