Two national top 10 finishes for speech competitor from MPS’ Bradley Tech

August 18, 2014

140625_williams_perry-379x400A competitor from Milwaukee Public Schools’ Harry and Lynde Bradley Technology and Trade High School finished in the top 10 at the nation’s two premier high school speech and debate tournaments this year.
In all, 14 MPS students competed in the national tournaments after qualifying by posting top finishes in regional tournaments.
Jhamalia Williams-Perry, who recently graduated from Bradley Tech, finished third in the nation in dramatic performance at the National Catholic Forensic League Grand National Tournament in late May and seventh in the nation in dramatic interpretation at the National Speech and Debate Association tournament this past weekend. She finished 12th at the NCFL tournament last year and among the top 25 at last year’s NSDA tournament, formerly known as the National Forensic League tournament.
This year, Williams-Perry performed a dramatic reading from a book entitled “The Other Side of Paradise.” Her successful run felt like something of a dream until she realized it was her competitor number posted on the list of those advancing to national semifinals. Then it became quite real.
“I was happy, trust me!” recalled Wiliams-Perry, who received a scholarship to continue her competitive speech career at the collegiate level at Ripon College in Ripon, WI. “I was crying to my coach, I was crying to my future teammates in college. It feels amazing.”
“What Jhamalia has achieved is an incredible accomplishment not only for her and not only for Bradley Tech but for all MPS students,” Bradley Tech coach Ernest Chomicki said. “It’s proof that if you put in the work and you have the belief that you will achieve something, you will.”
Williams-Perry’s success is the latest in a long line of speech and debate accomplishments for MPS students. Last year, MPS’ Rufus King International High School, long a top speech and debate competitor, swept the regional qualifying policy debate tournament and took all four southern Wisconsin slots at the NSDA tournament. Rufus King is one of nine MPS high schools partnering with Milwaukee Debate League to operate debate teams – the district is grateful for the work of the MDL!
MPS students who competed at NSDA and NCFL tournaments this year include:
Harry and Lynde Bradley Technology and Trade High School, Coach Ernest Chomicki
– Alton Bufford: Bradley Tech, NSDA, top 100, dramatic interpretation
– Jhamalia Williams-Perry: NCFL, 3rd place, dramatic performance; NSDA, 7th place, dramatic interpretation
Rufus King International High School, Coaches Stephanie King and Victor Trussell
– Keenan Gibson: NSDA, top 68, duo interpretation; NCFL, top 24, duo interpretation
– Quinn Kelly-Miller: NSDA, policy debate; NCFL, student congress
– Andres Kilwein-Jennerjohn: NSDA, top 68, duo interpretation; NCFL, top 24, duo interpretation
– Thomas Linn: NCFL, top 52, policy debate
– Cierra Reed: NCFL, top 75, student congress
– Jabari Robinson: NCFL, top 52, policy debate
– Teressa Shaw: NSDA, policy debate
Milwaukee High School of the Arts, Coach Dave Powell
– Ian Walls: NCFL, top 150, oral interpretation of literature
Ronald Reagan College Preparatory High School, Coach Carrie Baker
– Michael Haubner: NSDA, dramatic interpretation; NCFL, top 60, dramatic performance
– Munifeh Jaber: NCFL, dramatic performance
– Anne Liners: NCFL, declamation
– Patrick McLinden: NCFL, oratory