The Milwaukee Times’ Writers Gallery

May 3, 2013
Di’Ondre Mathis II

Di’Ondre Mathis II

Milwaukee Times is teaming up with Lindsay Heights “Youth SPEAK Out”, a Boys & Girls Clubs program, to showcase some of the talented young writers from Shalom High School and The Boys & Girls Club to learn their views on some of today’s hot topics.

What does Mother’s Day mean to you?
Mother’s Day means more to me than going out to purchase a gift for your mother and saying “Happy Mother’s Day” or baking a cake with a heart in it as a reminder of love. As a child, I have always tried to come up with new ways to surprise and excite my mom each year. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to take full credit in most of the gifts I have given her over the previous years. As a child attending elementary and middle school, I never really took a moment to reflect on the importance of Mother’s Day. Once when I was sixteen years old and Mother’s Day was coming up, I realized that I had nothing good to show or tell my mother that would raise her spirits except “I love you”. But, that wasn’t enough for me.
I knew that something had to be done; I had to be able to present something to my mother that reminded her why I am proud to call her the greatest mother in the world. What could I do to show hard work, creativity, and emotion? My sister suggested that since I was a great writer and loved to write music, it would be the perfect time to express my feelings through my talents. I couldn’t have agreed more. Ever since then I have set the bar high for expressing my true feelings about my life and how my mother has made a huge impact on the way I tend to my future. Without my mom, I’d be lost completely with no hint of how to recover.

Allow automatic assault rifles or not?
Should individuals be allowed to purchase an automatic assault rifle with a 30-round magazine clip? I am neutral. I think individuals should be able to purchase automatic assault rifles depending on who it is and their background information. People should keep in mind that this is probably the cause of the elementary shooting in Connecticut.
This problem is having a significant amount of people thinking that they should rack up on guns to protect themselves. What people really need is public security. This would be no way for a person to enter that elementary school if they had legitimate security to protect these kids. The shooter must have walked right in. Then again, people owning guns can probably make their neighborhood a safer place for them and their families.
As far as the weaponry, isn’t an automatic assault rifle a little too much? I can see if it was a handgun or a shotgun, but we are trying to protect ourselves, not prepare for war. To me, an automatic assault rifle is a military weapon. Shotguns and handguns are more common forms of protection. Overall, certain people should own guns for protection and at the same time pay attention to their surroundings.