Student scientists exhibit at STEM Fair

April 11, 2019

This April, more than 400 MPS students from 42 schools hopped off yellow school buses carrying display boards, science experiments, inventions, and equipment to compete in the annual MPS STEM Fair. A team of 50 volunteers and 130 judges were ready to help them set up displays and rate their projects.

Student work ranged from practical inventions to solve everyday problems to experiments designed around scientific principles. Projects were divided into three categories: Science Inquiry (traditional), Engineering Design (solving a problem), and Research Study (high school only, for complex projects).

A contest was held for students to design a logo for this year’s STEM Fair. One winner and three honorable mentions were recognized during the awards ceremony.

STEM Fair was made possible by numerous community partners, including Discovery World.

Congratulations to all our winners! A complete list of winners follows.

2019 STEM Fair Winners

Grades K-2 Science
1st place-ALBA, “Soak It Up,” Maximiliano Vallejo & Ariannah Ordonez
2nd place – Morgandale, “Water Filtration,” Maison Zayas & Leilani Kirkendoll- Taper
3rd place – Metcalfe, “Which activity will make our heart beat the fastest?,” Lana Powers

Grades 3-5 Science
1st place – Golda Meir, “5-Second Rule,” Grace Pagel
2nd place – Bryant, “Lava Lamp”, Robert Edwards & Adonis Allison
3rd place – Milw. Spanish Immersion, “Flooding Issues,” Gwen Trollier

Grades 6-8 Science
1st place – La Causa, “Hydraulic Arm,” Francisco Ramirez
2nd place – Golda Meir, “Green Insulation Project,” Toby W. Morris
3rd place – Manitoba, “The Stroop Effect: A Prime Example of Your Brain’s Deception,” Iyanna Davis

HS Science
1st place – Reagan, “Effect of Social Pressure on Kindness,” Magdalyn Rowley-Lange
2nd place – Golda Meir, “Social Conformity,” Devon Pawlak
3rd placce – Reagan, “Population and the Milwaukee River,” Audre Young-Huggins

K-2 Engineering
1st place – Curtin, “Helping Dr. Jenny,”Lexi Santana & Skylar Howard
2nd place – Thurston Woods, “Jack and the Parachute,” My’Asia Burns & Aquaveeion Miller
3rd place – Cass St.,”Cottonball Launcher”, Sophie Milan

3-5 Engineering
1st place – Milw. Spanish Immersion, “Pick a Poop Drone,” David Ojeda
2nd place – Golda Meir, “Natural Hair Helmets,” Brie Newell
3rd place – Golda Meir, “Ways to Reduce Methane in the Environment,” Bernadette Carey & Henry Martin

6-8 Engineering
1st place – Curtin, “Oh There Go the Crops,” Sandra Medina- Chavez & Jasleen Braich
2nd place – Golda Meir, “Keeping You in Suspension,” Dineska Soto
3rd place – Golda Meir, “Earthquake Retaining Walls,” Alexa Hernandez

HS Research Study
1st place – Golda Meir, “Polystyrene Worms,” Gabriela Bastardo
2nd place – Marshall, “Filter Design of Chemical and Biological Contaminants,” Reana Smith
3rd place – Marshall, “Solar Photoelectrocatalytic Destruction of Methylene,” Samari Price & Malik Hamilton

Science Spirit Award K-5
Golda Meir
Natural Hair Helmets
Brie Newell

Science Spirit Award 6-12
Recyclable Helmet
Yoseline Sixteco

Student-Created STEM Button Contest Winner:
Isabel Bello, Garland

Honorable Mention:
Emily Cha, Bethune

Honorable Mention:
Anyla King, Golda Meir

Honorable Mention:
Ashley Boyce, Gaenslen