Ripple® donates $29 mil. to Funds 110 MPS projects

April 5, 2018

In an unprecedented act of generosity, technology company Ripple donated $29 million to this week, funding every project posted by a teacher across the country. In Milwaukee Public Schools, 110 projects posted by 89 teachers were funded, bringing a total donation of $60,081 to the district.

“This is such an exciting day for our teachers and students,” said Darienne Driver, MPS Superintendent. “This funding goes directly to meet needs that teachers felt so strongly about that they took the initiative to post for public funding. It’s truly a meaningful gift.”

Combined with other donations to these projects on, the total value of all funded projects in MPS is $70,956. Funding will allow teachers to acquire iPads, ear buds, bus tickets, athletic equipment, books, science supplies, art supplies, school supplies, and more. Requests ranged from about $200 to just over $2,000.

This is the third time Milwaukee teachers have experienced a blanket donation of this type. For the past two school years, the Herb Kohl Foundation contributed to teacher projects on the DonorsChoose website, providing $1 million to classroom projects.

DonorsChoose was founded by Charles Best, a former teacher. “We are awestruck by the generosity of the Ripple team,” said Best. “Our country’s teachers and school leaders work so hard to give their students the best education possible, and we’re excited to recognize and reward their efforts with #BestSchoolDay.”