MPS celebrates National School Lunch Week

October 23, 2019

Dr. Keith P. Posley had the pleasure of having lunch this week at Allen-Field and Fratney for National School Lunch Week. Thank you to all of our kitchen staff who provide healthy meals and friendly service to all of our students!

Students at Allen-Field and Fratney schools received a surprise lunch companion on October 17. MPS Superintendent Dr. Keith P. Posley stopped in to enjoy chicken, gravy, and mashed potatoes alongside students in celebration of School Lunch Week. Posley took part in a lively discussion about favorite foods and lunch items.

Every student in MPS receives free breakfast and lunch every school day to support healthy growth and learning. Nutritious meals ensure that all students are ready to learn, and school meal programs additionally support families, who gain peace of mind that their children’s meals will be available at no cost.

In Wisconsin, more than 485,000 school lunches are served every day, with more than 55,000 lunches served daily in MPS. Federal guidelines and school nutritionists ensure that children receive balanced, healthy meals.

In Milwaukee Public Schools, the Department of School Nutrition scheduled students’ favorite meals all week, including tacos, pizza, chicken wings, and breakfast for lunch. The nutrition staff monitors all foods to ensure that students are eating and enjoying each item. In December 2018, the nutrition team held a taste test with groups of students to hear feedback about new items, and added several new options to the menu this year.

MPS extends a huge thank you to all our 750 nutrition staff who work hard every day to feed our young learners. The school day would not be possible without you!