Growing, successful Interfaith-MPS Tutor program seeks more volunteer tutors

October 10, 2013

tutoringAs the growing and successful
Interfaith-MPS Tutor
Program stays on track
to expand from 50 MPS elementary
and K-8 schools
in 2012-13 to 71 in 2013-14,
MPS and Interfaith Older
Adult Programs are seeking
more volunteer tutors.
A majority of tutored students
outscored national
averages and/or saw their
scores grow at a higher rate
than MPS students who were
not tutored, according to a
review of district standardized
test data, showing the
tutors are valuable contributors
to achievement growth
in the district. In addition,
the vast majority of teachers
of tutored students reported
those students had a
positive change in attitude, a
positive change in behavior,
increased interest in learning
and improved academic
engagement, according to a
Now MPS and Interfaith
are seeking 300 new tutors to
carry that success forward.
More than 200 tutors are already
on track to serve by the
end of the fall.
“Everyone wants to feel
like they have accomplished
something worthwhile. Offering
time to children is a
wonderful way to meet that
goal.” says current tutor
Sandy Szymkowski. “When
a child who was not reading
in September is reading with
confidence in May, I know
that I have shared in that
accomplishment. There’s
nothing greater than building
a child’s self esteem and
helping him or her continue
to be successful in school!”
The goal is ultimately to
grow the program to serve
more than 100 elementary
and K-8 schools in 2015-16.
“We are so grateful for all
of the work our tutors have
undertaken and we’re grateful
for their efforts to improve
outcomes for our students!”
MPS Superintendent
Gregory Thornton said.
“Our partnership with
MPS and Senior Corps to
recruit and place more tutors
in elementary classrooms
demonstrates the strong
community commitment we
all have for academic success
in the district,” Lisa Bittman,
Interfaith’s Executive Director
Volunteers should be 55
years old or “better” and
must be willing to commit
to spending 90 minutes per
week in a classroom throughout
the academic year. Tutors
receive training to maximize
their effectiveness when
working with students – and
spend the year working in the
same classroom.
Tutors interested in volunteering
should contact Robyn Wohlfeil of
Interfaith at (414) 220-8657.