Alverno Bestowing of the Kente Graduation Ceremony

May 23, 2018

Staff Photo

Eleven African American women participated in the 42nd Bestowing of the Kente Award at Alverno College on May 13, 2018. The Bestowing of the Kente and Latinas con Fuerza ceremonies are culturally grounded Rites of Passage in which Alverno honors its African and Latina graduates’ heritage. Kente is a Fante-West African word meaning basket. The ceremonies also provide an opportunity for graduates to recognize and express deep gratitude to their heritage, family, friends and loved ones who supported the graduate on their collegiate journey. Graduates who participate in the African American ceremony have a Kente, which is a hand-woven, ceremonial cloth that is regarded as a symbol of prestige and reserved for special occasions. Alverno is one of only a handful of colleges in the U.S. which conduct Kente Ceremonies. Pictured are (back row, from left) Alexis Walker, Diamond Thompson, Emerald Summers, Julissa Moore, Clarissa Lawrence, and Gabrielle Johnson; (front row, from left) Rena Ganier, Amber Floyd (who also honored Hispanic heritage by participating in the Latinas Con Fuerza ceremony), Danielle Bennett, Colette Allen, and Kalimah Al-Mujaahid.