Talk is cheap, but someone pays…

September 8, 2022

By: Jacquelyn D. Heath
Special to The Milwaukee Times

With less than 8 weeks before the midterm elections on Tuesday, November 8, 2022, the airwaves are flooded with campaign messages from various candidates seeking public office.

The goal is to attract attention and project an image that, with any luck, will translate into votes and a win. However, when analyzing candidates as a voter, you have to ask yourself: Does this person represent me and the greater good? Or is this someone who has an agenda that could leave a trail of trauma if given the reins of political power?

The following are some statements picked up recently from current candidates on the campaign trail, with some “food for thought.” See what you think.

“I’m not a politician.” — When someone says this, my first response is, ‘Why are you trying to get involved in something you know nothing about? How effective can you be coming from a knowledge deficit and a seeming unwillingness to learn?’

“We need to run government like a business.” – I hate to break this news, but business and government cannot replicate each other, because they have different purposes. In our democracy based on capitalistic economic principles, business promotes profit and special interests. Government, on the other hand, exists to provide benefits and services to promote the general well-being of the citizens at large.

“We are throwing tons of money at education.” – All I can say is, if you think education is a waste, try living with ignorance and stupidity.

“People shouldn’t be openly gay in public.” – That is the equivalent of saying that people shouldn’t be openly human in public.

“I support Wisconsin’s 1849 anti-abortion laws.” – Just think of all the things that were considered appropriate or acceptable in the society of 173 years ago that would not pass muster today. Those include slavery, denying women’s suffrage, gender inequity and inequality, and using leeches to cure disease.

“It’s not like we don’t have enough jobs in Wisconsin.” – Anyone who would make such a statement must never have really had to work for a living or worry about the uncertainties of the economy and the job market.

This sampling of rhetoric is offered for consideration and analysis by the average citizen, simply because the resulting actions behind the words affect the quality of life and rights of all people. Anything that is based on a lack of vision and inclusiveness could foment disaster if allowed to prevail. Now think about that…

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